Bruce Werber

 Founder of Amnio Technology llc

     Developed techniques to use placental allografts to heal wounds, tendons, joint cartilage, improve function in a variety of medical and surgical specialties. A leading regenerative medicine company since 2013.


Foot and Ankle surgeon with 35 years of experience; 

     reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, limb salvage techniques, joint                replacement,

     practice management innovator,

     new technology introduction and development,

     improved patient outcomes with protocol development,

     Inventor with patent,

    expertise in SOP development, process management, new product                    development..

To my wonderful Patients, over the last 35 years:

   Thank you for allowing me to care for you and your family. I have had a fantastic journey learning and developing new techniques that have enabled me to help you.

 It has been an incredible privilege to have your trust in me to treat you, and improve your life and enjoyment of your lifestyle activities.

 If you have concerns, questions, or need access to your records, please send me an email, and I will answer you promptly.